• Tazria-Metzora


    Fixing ourselves, fixing the world

    The commandment of the brit milah – the covenant of circumcision which dates back to Abraham and still has a key place in our lives today.  The circumcision as a symbol of the covenant due to its double message: it tells Israel to fix the world and that improving society has to begin with self-improvement.

  • Shmini


    Turning the past into the future

    The tragedy that befalls Nadav and Avihu – Aaron’s two sons. A discussion on the appropriate use of vayehi (and it came to pass) and vehaya (and it will be) and what mood they introduce.

  • Tzav


    The pitfalls of passion

    Description of the priests’ first duty to clear the ashes after sacrifices are made on the altar. Following is a description of the murder of the two priests racing each other up the altar’s ramp and the response of Rabbi Zadok to the shocking incident.

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